Psychotherapy is an important element in Roqya. It is a mental technique which permits to deliver the person from the sufferings she lived. When we experience something painful, it stays within us. It gives us negative feelings and abnormal reactions. Psychotherapy assists to remove these things which damage the person. Sometimes the relation between the weakness of the person and things that she lived is obvious (for ex: since you made this accident, you are not serene any more, something changed in you); sometimes the effect is not easy to notice (for ex: somebody had some difficult in childhood, was mistreated over a long period, after he will not have a personality anymore, he does not any more manage to assert oneself, he is excessively shy or he has pleasure in nothing: in any case it can have very diverse effects).

What is the link between the psychotherapy and the roqya?

Why is the psychotherapy an important element of centers of roqya?

For several reasons:

- When we understand the psychotherapy and the functioning of human mind, it permits to make the difference between the psychological problems and the mystic problems which they are owed to the black magic, to the djinns etc. So it’s necessary to put things in perspective. For ex, if we speak about problems between couples, we must be able to understand the normal problems which exist in the couple to say later that "No, this problem is not normal, the problem is connected to black magic".

Some patients are suffering from serious psychological problems -what does not exclude that they have problems of black magic. But sometimes the psychological problem is graver than the problem of djinn or and it also happens that the psychological problem prevents the patient to be cured of the black magic and the djinns: because he is psychologically too much touched it gives some strength to the djinns and to the witchcraft to dominate him. So it is necessary to treat him at the same time for the psychological problems and for the mystic problems.

- Those who practice roqya should also make to themselves the psychotherapy until they have no more aftereffect of what they lived. Why? Because the effects of the sufferings that we lived weaken the person; even if the person believes that she exceeded the problem, it is not true: it is always there and that always constitutes a handicap and that gives a base to the djinns to influence him. So when anyone gets totally rid of the effects of the sufferings he or she had lived, it makes him/her less vulnerable to the djinns and to the black magic. For somebody who practises the roqya it is an important asset and anyway it is advantageous in everyone’s lives.

How is psychotherapy performed?

The foundation of the method it is to tell the things which we lived, the painful things to find relief. It is known for a long time that when we tell problems we feel relieved, but here it is done in a more technical way:

It is made for two, we sit down in front of the person and we say to the person "Do you see something which made you suffer in your life?

- Yes

- Close your eyes and tell me this event as if you are witnessing it now; imagining the scene as if you are inside. Tell me what happened, I will listen to you and help you to tell, possibly I can ask you questions but what is important here is to repeat the painful thing. Where you arrive at the part which hurts, you have to repeat it.”

For ex one of the worse sufferings we met in psychotherapy is the story of a woman who watched her mother die in front of her. Her mother had a tube through which she breathed and she remade the dressing. At one point, she removed the dressing and the vein is torn and all the blood was going out and she died like that in front of her. She could not do anything, it was like she had murdered her mother. You can imagine how traumatic it is. So we told her to tell and she said, "I remove the dressing and all the blood is out" we say "repeat all the blood came out" she said, "all the blood came out, all the blood came out, all the blood came out ... "and then she started crying, we left her crying until she finished and we say" say it again: all the blood came out "she repeated again until she felt nothing and it was done. In all it was a matter of 15 minutes, el hamdulilah. Something that has traumatized for years as it went in 15 minutes.

This technique is easy and very effective. There are lots of cases:

- Simple cases: we know where the problem is and the consequences of the problem, so the person repeats the problem until it is finished. If we finish talking about an event, let's say to the patient "do you remember anything that hurt you in your life?”. And he will remember something else, so we do the technique until it is finished. The sessions are during two hours maximum because otherwise it will tire the brain. To do this you must be in good shape, having eaten well, slept well for the brain to be empty. When an event is complex, takes part by part. For example: a person is affected by the illness of his father, when he was in the hospital, when he was called, he was told he died etc... So whenever there is suffering, every step we will remove the pain of the event.

How do we know that suffering is removed?

-First the patient is going over negative mental states: a state of apathy, fear, sadness, anger, boredom. These are the 5 negative states and it goes in that order. This means that the worst of all is the fear and after apathy; after sadness and anger and after boredom. When the patient rehearses the painful thing, it will go through negative mental states until he feels nothing about it.

- Until the images of painful events disappear. It will look until there are no more images coming up and the information stops: when he will tell, he will remember something else and another thing until there is no more new information. At this time there is nothing to remember, the event is finished and that’s all.

There are some cases where it is necessary to have solutions:

-First when the person repeats the painful event and the pain persists. The images of the event disappear and there is no more new information but the pain is still there: This means that there is an event before this where there was the same pain. For example: if someone has been humiliated, this can happen several times so we have to go back to the previous history and previous history until we get to the first and it's over .We will ask the person "is there an incident like this before? "And the mind of the person will look for other previous information.

- When the person is too sick to tell. We say "tell" he answers, "it hurts too much to tell" then he must repeat “it hurts too much, it hurts too much, it hurts too much ...".The fact to say that, it will release the pain until it he/she ready to tell. Or the patient may say "I don’t want to talk about this" we say "look at everything that happened and repeat: I don’t want to talk about it"; he will repeat this until he is ready to talk.

-When the person does not remember: in this case we'll take the link that connects us to the event. For example, a patient is scared when the night comes, he does not know why and since when. So we'll say "close your eyes look at the night and repeat, I'm afraid, I'm afraid, afraid, etc." until he finds the event where he got really scared and how we will succeed in solving the problem insha Allah.

This is extremely amazing how we will find through psychotherapy events of early childhood. For example, a patient during the psychotherapy session saw herself as a baby. She saw her strap maternity and her mother trying to smother to stifle her with a pillow. This was recorded in her mind when she was a little baby. It took psychotherapy to bring out the memory.

There was also a patient who has been hypnotized, we did experiments on him, he could not remember. We do the psychotherapy until he said "we arrive at a door and I do not remember" we said, "repeat: I do not remember" he repeated until he starts to say "you won’t remember more, you'll remember more, you'll remember more, whatever happens, whatever you say, you'll never remember what happened here etc. "And it was a hypnosis program that he had done that he could not remember. When we crossed the sails hypnosis he recalled, the door opened and we saw what happened inside.

How does the technique work?

There are two persons: one listens and does not talk except when help in needed. When you listen to the person never judge or comment or compliment, we shouldn’t say "it is good" or "it's not good what you did" we do not go into a discussion: what interests us, is to locate the pain, the sentence expresses the pain and to make ​​him repeat the phrase until the pain is over and that's it. And even after psychotherapy we must not discuss the events we talked about with the patient. We leave that aside, it's over and you forget everything.

It’s always a good thing to do the psychotherapy. Don’t worry if you see the person crying; just prepare a box of tissues.

Generally, we do the psychotherapy after the roqya and the explanation of the treatment. Sometimes you're going to give psychotherapy after the first treatment because the person has too much problem of black magic and it will disrupt psychotherapy. In this case it can not work on problems of black magic. For example, someone has a black magic made with the cemetery and it makes it sad. By psychotherapy we will not find the cause of his sadness because it is not the events he has experienced, it is black magic. You should also know that psychotherapy is not to solve the problems of the present: for example, if someone was fired from his job so he is depressed, it will not work by psychotherapy because he has a real problem, he needs to find work, a solution to their situation.

So psychotherapy is to remove the effects of past suffering. We recall everything, we draw lessons, in any case we will no longer suffer the trauma of these past sufferings. For all those working in the roqya should do the psychotherapy, it will make you stronger to face all situations particularly in relation to black magic and djinns.

May Allah help us.