All praises to Allah and peace and blessings on His Prophet.

For the development of our website and the promotion of our products, we are today calling our followers for voluntary participations. Sister Om Hamza This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will be handling this project. The needed actions are:

Write the tafseers and conferences of Shaykh in English.

If you have found clear results with our ruqya method for yourself or others, send us your testimonies. You can also share your experience with your GP, your raqi or your imam so that others will also benefit.

Ask for catching for PUBLIC problems (that affect the community and not personal questions) by describing the situation precisely with maximum of information.

Do you know any Muslims that can’t read Arabic? Show them the technique of the Shaykh to learn to read in one week.

Vous aimez la chaîne pour enfants Touyour Aljannah ? Le cheih a traduit en français bon nombre de leurs chansons. Sous-titrez leurs vidéos sur internet pour que le public francophone en profite.

Do you know the book “The Spiritual Program”? That’s the most important accomplishment in the life of the Shaykh. You should absolutely read this book, then share it and teach it as much as you can.

Is there in your society a problem of running debauchery? See the anti-debauchery program of Shaykh and see how to apply it.

Do you know the psychotherapy method of Shaykh? If you do, organize workshops to treat and train people.

We invite you to discover and try the games Shaykh has invented: funny and spiritual, they will amuse you and help you live on Quran. Film and post.

Did you see the method for exam-competition for Islamic courses? Adopt it for your conferences and seminaries.

Do you know the posters of Shaykh? Print them with the logos of your organization and put them in mosques, associations and businesses for the benefit of the Umma and your promotion.

Participate in our shirk gallery to denounce the sorcerers hiding behind Islam. Scan your taweez and send it to us with the identity and city of the owner.

We need to translate our products in all languages. Translate by writing, orally or by subtitles and send us so we give the public and add more languages on the website, would it be international languages like Urdu, Indonesian, Malay, Russian (for ex-soviet republics) Turkish and Portuguese, or local languages.

All our products are free with no author rights. Contact publishers, TVs, radios, organizations, online papers, forums and Islamic actors to offer them to use freely all our products.